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Practical and Beautiful Board-by-Board Style Fencing

Board-by-Board style wood fencing is designed where the boards are placed adjacent to each other without over lapping. Some pros and cons are listed below.


  • Enhanced Privacy: The lack of gaps or spaces between boards provides a higher level of privacy creating a solid barrier that blocks the view from both sides of the fence.
  • Security: The solid construction of board-next-to-board cedar fencing enhances security by reducing visibility into the enclosed area.
  • Increased Wind Resistance: The lack of gaps between boards reduces wind resistance, making this type of fence more resistant to strong winds. It can be a suitable option for areas prone to inclement weather.


  • Cost: Board-next-to-board cedar fences can be more expensive than other fence options. The solid construction requires more material and labor, contributing to higher costs.
  • Maintenance: Like any cedar fence, regular maintenance such as staining or sealing may be required to protect the wood from the elements and maintain appearance over time.
  • Limited Air Circulation: The solid construction restricts air circulation more than open designs like shadow box or lattice fences. This limitation can affect airflow in gardens or yards close to the fence.
  • Weight: The solid design adds weight to the fence, which may make installation more labor intensive. Proper support structures and installation techniques are crucial to ensure stability.
  • Potential for Warping: Without gaps for air circulation, a board-next-to-board cedar fence may be more prone to warping over time, especially if exposed to extreme weather conditions.


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