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Questions to Ask Before Building a Fence:


What is the purpose of the fence?

Security: Will the fence primarily serve as a security measure?
Privacy: Is the goal to create a private space, blocking the view of neighbors or passersby?
Aesthetics: Does the fence contribute to the overall aesthetics of the property?

Local Regulations and Permitting:

Zoning laws: Are there local zoning regulations that dictate the type, height, or placement of the fence?
Permits: What permits are required for installation, and how can they be obtained?

Fence Material and Style:

Material: What type of material is suitable for the intended purpose (wood, PVD, chain link)?
Style: What fence style aligns with the property’s aesthetics and the homeowners preferences?

Budget Considerations:

Costs: What is the budget for the fence installation, including materials, labor, and potential additional features?
Long-Term Costs: How will maintenance costs impact my budget over time?

Property Line and Survey:

Survey: Has the property been surveyed to determine the exact property lines or aesthetic concerns?
Neighbor Consultation: Is it necessary to consult with neighbors about shared property lines or aesthetic concerns?


Maintenance Requirements:

Upkeep: What maintenance tasks are required for the chosen fence materials (staining, painting, sealing)?
Longevity: How long is the chosen material expected to last, and what factors can impact its lifespan?

Installation Timeline:

What is the expected timeline for installation and are there specific dates or deadlines to consider?

Climate Considerations:

How will the local climate conditions (wind, rain, or snow) affect the fence’s durability?

Contractor Selection:

Qualifications: What qualifications and experience should the chosen contractor have?
References: Does the contractor have references from previous clients that they can provide?

Warranty and Guarantees:

Warranty: Does the fence come with a warranty and what does it cover?
Contract Terms: Are there guarantees or assurances outlined in the contract?

Future Landscaping Plans:

Are there any plans for landscaping changes that might affect the fence in the future?


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