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Practical and Beautiful Shadow Box Style Fencing

The Shadow Box style is a type of fence that features pickets alternating on both sides of the horizontal supports, creating a shadowed or “boxed” effect. Some of the best features a shadow box design offers are noted below.

Best Features:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The alternating pickets create an attractive and visually interesting design. Shadow box fences are often considered more visually appealing than standard privacy fences because they look good from both sides.
  • Air and Light Circulation: The shadow box design style allows for better air circulation and penetration of natural light, which can be beneficial for plants and gardens near the fence.
  • Wind Resistance: The spacing between the pickets allows wind to pass through more easily, reducing the force on the fence and making it more wind resistant compared to solid privacy fences.
  • Maintenance: Shadow box fences are typically less prone to some of the issues associated with solid privacy fences, such as wind damage and excessive weight. This can result in lower maintenance requirements.


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