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Stress-free Concrete. The Mauer Company.

Your concrete steps add as much to the curb appeal of your home as your sidewalk. Don’t stop short and neglect your steps!

Whether you’re looking for traditional concrete steps or if you’re looking to add some flair to your home, Mauer Company is an excellent choice in custom poured concrete steps.

As an extension of your patio or sidewalk, choosing to color and stamp your steps to match your walkway is both possible and a great choice!

In addition to choosing a color and stamp pattern, the riser and tread depth of the steps is very important. The rise height and tread depth of your steps need to feel natural when walking up and down. The general rule of thumb for this is the 7-11 rule. This refers to a maximum riser height of 7″ and a minimum tread depth of 11″. A good riser height for most steps is 4″.


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